mixPlugin specialize in developing entertainment tools for Chrome browser. We focus on creating useful and better products for Chrome users. Our extensions will make your everyday browsing experience easier, faster and enjoyable. We are sure you will find them very useful and practical. You can add these extensions from Chrome Store, always free and always easy to add.

mixMusic Start
With mixMusic Start, you can watch & listen to new released music videos and albums - all in one convenient place. Learn more.
mixMusic Search

With mixMusic Search extension you can search & listen free music.Learn more.
mixGames Start
With mixGames Start, you can Easily keep up to date with new fun games. It's time to enjoy the great collection of top amazing games from various genres all for free. Learn more.
mixGames Search

With mixGames Search extension you can search & play free games - all in one convenient place.Learn more.
Private Search
The Private Search extension detects and redirects non-private searches to myPrivateSearch.com privacy-enhanced search results. Learn more.